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A year on a our investment in mental health has doubled..

In December 2022 we wrote a blog about the launch of our Force For Good platform, where we would house all things that we did for our teams, environment, communities and for charity, in a bid to be better people and do better for those we impact around us. (insert link from website). Since then we have been very busy as a team working on a variety of FFG initiatives.

  • Worked proactively with local councils and authorities to provide support and action against spiking in our late night venues.

  • We removed Trial shifts from our recruitment process to reduce the expense and time required of a candidate, and instead give £50 vouchers to everyone who interviews, as an invitation to come and try the food and drinks, on us.

  • Each site did their own charitable act for the festive season, where we collected hundreds of toys for children across the country

  • We put up wellbeing walls in all of our sites to remind our teams daily of the tools and support that’s available to them at ECC.

  • We give £25 contributions to one active Wagestream savings pot, at random, every month. This is to encourage positive financial wellbeing and reward good habits.

  • Held a session with our senior leadership team on how to become healthier operators, where ‘So Let’s Talk’ spent the day coaching us on some wellbeing hot topics and ideas generation.

  • We do bi-monthly temperature checks where we ask our teams to vote for which sentiment resonates with them the most, checking on their wellbeing as a whole.

Whilst these are all very small actions, they have big impacts on the wellbeing of our teams and those around us, but perhaps none more so than the access to our Mental Health First Aid cohort, which is now 15 pax strong. This means that every site has at least one person available to them to discuss their mental health at all times. They are qualified to assist and give first aid in a wide variety of mental health challenges, but sometimes all people need is for someone to really listen to them. Our team of MHFA’s catch up bi-monthly and discuss live cases and offer support and advice on how to help the individuals, and each other. We also spend time coming up with new FFG initiatives we think will be impactful in our four chosen categories. The latest cohort was a real proud moment because the interest was so high, and it spanned across all levels and roles in the business showing that this is a genuine part of our culture and our teams are proud that we offer it.

We have completed all of our training with Mental Health First Aid England, and can’t recommend them enough.


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