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Introducing - ECC's 'Force for Good'...

This last year we have spent some time developing our internal company values, a task that is not for the faint-hearted or uncommitted. What could have been a potentially daunting task of endless possibility and abundant risk of bias, quickly focussed on the opportunity for a people driven empowering culture.

After 12 months we ended up with 6 values (now better known as our Bear Necessities), which were moulded from multiple sessions with our teams, asking them what was important to them and in which direction they wanted the business to develop. For a full break down of this journey and the launch, please read our other blog post here.

This article is focussed on one specific value ‘Do the right thing’, which simply means, be a good person. We wanted to challenge ourselves to not only be good people towards our colleagues, but to ourselves and the communities we’re a part of. We wanted this value to become more of a movement, something that stirs passion and action, so we came up with a platform of promise and called it ‘Force For Good’. The great Dalai Lama once defined ‘Force For Good’ as ‘action inspired by a genuine concern for others’, which we felt was perfectly aligned to our value.

We will focus on 4 key areas; Team, Environment, Charity & Community.

Team will cover all internal activity to make the workplace the best environment possible for our people, with their needs and feedback at the centre of decision making. We’ll do this through our FFG Forums every quarter, where we will invite nominated representatives from each site, and discuss key focus areas fed back directly from our team members.

Environment will cover pledges to improve areas such as carbon footprint, paper usage, waste disposal, supply chain etc. We haven’t yet decided how we want to do better for our planet, but watch this space for updates.

Charity will be focussed purely on the ways we will be supporting our chosen charity for the coming 12 months. We take the selection of charitable causes seriously and will always put our choices out to a team vote before deciding who we want to align ourselves too.

The Community section will feature how we are being good people for the communities we operate within. One example of this is our response to the concerning rise in spiking cases and partnering with ‘Ask Angela’ campaigns to better educate our teams on responding to those in need of support. We are also exploring preventative measure we can introduce to our daily operations to create even safer environments for our guests.

We’re really proud to be making actionable steps towards improving the lives of others and hope that this has a resoundingly positive effect on our culture as a result.

Force for good, coming soon...


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