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*Promotion alert*

It’s always such a proud moment when we see progression within the business, and this of course isn’t exclusive to sites alone. This month we had two of our senior leaders step-up into their new roles in preparation for the exciting growth plans on the horizon.

Our Co-Founder, Guy Hitchen, has been instrumental in sourcing new economic, post-pandemic partnerships for ECC, whilst also providing the same procurement support for our investors. He has certainly outgrown his title of Procurement Director, so was recently awarded his new role of Commercial Director, which gives him room to explore new avenues of development whilst continuing to lead the charge in ensuring we have the best supply chain possible.

In a time where our business is growing and continuing to trade exceeding all our expectations, we simply couldn’t ignore the efforts of our Operations Manager, Elliott West, who’s unwavering commitment to the team and development of the business has propelled our operations beyond expectation. Just before his 4 year ECC-versary, Elliott has moved to his new position of Operations Director, where he will continue to lead our senior operators and ECC’s expansion across the UK.

This promotion opens up the progression paths for a number of our Senior operators who are jumping at the opportunity to progress their careers within ECC. We are delighted to have been able to build a bench of incredible management talent over the years and simply can not wait to see what the future holds for our teams. We are at a very pinnacle stage of growing talent internally and can see plenty more of these news shares coming in the not too distant future.

Watch this space!


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