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Rising again, coming back stronger...

...sharing our story (with a happy ending).

Like many of you, the past 15 months or so was a story of survival. Without doubt it was a tough time for our business and people, both professionally and personally. We used lockdown(s) to work on ourselves and carve out a way forward. Thankfully, this story has a happy ending…

  • We’ve reset our values and have never been so laser focused about our future.

  • We’ve thought about new ways of how we can celebrate, grow and reward our amazing teams who give everything, everyday

  • Our guests have never been happier in both our brands Victors restaurants & Neighbourhood restaurants – the NPS speaks for itself

  • As a result, we’ve already delivered a host of great new initiatives for them having asked them what would help most. (those lucky enough to be born in June, July or August have already enjoyed our birthdays off – paid!)

The hard work and commitment of our teams is paying off but we tomorrow we face many of the same challenges as you! We’re embracing it in the only way we know how (our values you can read on our website will explain this!)

We’ve got along way to go, but as we stand here today we’re celebrating a 2019 smashing and YTD budget beating sales & profit performance whilst working tirelessly on cultural renovation for our people. We engage with our teams and listen; intent on creating an increasingly amazing place to work (a little big braggy, but we don’t get to do it often so please forgive us on this occasion)

To mark this step into our shiny new future we’ve shared our story on our sparkling new website (our talented team built It themselves at their request). Here you can get more of a flavour of who were are today, what makes us tick and where we’re heading. (Champagne cork pops, ice fountains go off)

What’s that coming over the hill….? Rumour has it there are some new sites to announce in the near future too.

We love ECC.

Welcome to hospitality beyond the ordinary – we’re rocket fuel for your future!


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